Thursday, 21 February 2008


UPDATE 23 march 2008

Its official IBux is Dead, yes they have closed down their business completely. This was the only statement I can find: Dear members and visitors, For reasons beyond our control, we have been forced to close our website business. We appreciate your loyalty and business,This really is a big blow to all the IBux members and a lot of the ptc community, the reason for their closing down is still unknown but i will keep you all updated.

IBux is an extraordinary website it pays its members to click ads (similar to Clix Sense and titanclicks). the pay rates are very high and there is always a steady supply of ads (there are even lots of ads ready for you to click as soon as you sign up) which means more money and speaking of more money you can also earn loads more money by referring people to sign up this is taken from the website "You will earn $0.01 when they signup and you will earn 100% of their earnings too.If you are an upgraded member you will earn 125% of their earnings! Example: If you referral clicks an ad worth $1.00 you will earn $1.25 - thats a 125% ref bonus." and best of all there is no limit to the number of people you can referr so thats uncapped earning potential! and to recieve all this money payouts are made via paypal so its even better with 100% secure payments and a ultra low minimum payout of $10 just puts the icing on the cake, so what are you waiting for get on board now this vastly expanding program wont sease to amaze you so heres the link again so you can get earning: IBux

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