Monday, 24 March 2008

Scratch Back

Scratch Back is an inovative new mony making soloution, all you have to do is sign up to Scratch Back and then create a great looking 'Top spots list' there are lots of templates to choose from and you can even create your own! there is also the option to have either text or image links. Once you have done that you then have to past the html code to your website(s) or blog(s). Then you just sit back and relax while waiting for smeone to 'Tip' you and get their ad displayed on your list. you can set the price for your ads although the minimum is $1.00 which I would recommend using. I think this is a very novel idea that has the potential to generate a lot of cash and it also doesnt compromise the look of your webpage(s) and best of all its completely free. All payouts are made by Paypal and you recieve 90% of the money made from your list, so that 90 cents from every dollar!. well have fun making money and good luck!

This is what my Top spots list looks like. you can find it at the side of this page. You could also buy an ad if you like, its only $1! and it will generate you more traffic.

And heres that link again: Scratch Back