Wednesday, 16 April 2008

My Search Funds

You are getting ripped off! stop using conventional search engines I have found the best search engine ever called My Search Funds. The reason My Search Funds is the best is because it actually pays you to do what you normally do! and best of all its partners with ask so you can be sure its legitimate. Payouts are made by paypal or bank transfer. Think of it this way: when you need to find something out what do you do, you use a search engine, when you are looking for a website or something what do you do, you use a search engine so its simple really just sign up for My Search Funds and then just do what you normally do and you will make money! simple really. so stop lining other search engines pockets and start filling yours! have fun and good luck heres that link again: My Search Funds

UPDATE: 1 Day in and i have made $0.17 thats more than most pay to clicks and i only made 8 searches!! thats amazing i can't wait till my next results show up i've made 48 searches!

Update: less than 2 days in and i have made $2.00!! thats way more than any pay to click!

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